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Starbound How To Get Crew Members Fast

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Crew members of most races can be obtained by gaining favor with regular, non-merchant NPCs through quests. When an NPC decides that they want to join your ship, they will change into a Protectorate Set colored according to their prospective job and can be added to the crew by interacting with them and clicking 'hire' while you have room in both your landing party and on your Ship. (While merchant NPCs do give quests, they never become available as crew.)

Crew members who provide ship effects will either periodically upgrade the ship or will provide a passive effect to all crew and team members on board. When they aren't following the player, crew members will act like regular NPCs, interacting with other objects on the ship and one another.

Every two ship members recruited will unlock a new ship upgrade quest just outside the Outpost in the shipyard. Penguin Pete will increase ship size provided players have both the crew and the correct number of Upgrade Modules. The player's initial ship can hold 2 crew members, and each of five ship upgrades increases crew capacity by 2; therefore, a maximum-size ship can hold 12 crew members.

Players can talk to crew members on their ship to add them to their party. When in a party, the crew members follow players. A maximum of two crew members can follow the player at once; however, you will not be able to recruit more crew members to your ship if you already have two crew members in your party (despite new crew members directly beaming to the ship).

The tailor role lets you change the uniforms between the default Protectorate uniform assigned, or a custom uniform based on what you are wearing when you talk to the tailor. Your crew members will wear colorized versions of the one you assign to indicate what their roles aboard the ship are.

To upgrade your ship, you will need to recruit a crew. For every two crew members you recruit, you will get this opportunity to upgrade. Your un-upgraded ship will hold two crew members to help you get started. In total, you can have 12 crew members.

Lastly, you can recruit a crew from the Beak Easy. This underground area is beneath the Outpost. The first time you visit this area, you will come across the quest Dreadwing The Penguin. You will need to complete this quest before you can hire crew members from the Beak Easy.

Once you finish this quest, you will be able to purchase Dubloons for three diamonds each. These Dubloons can be given to penguins around the Outpost that you want to join your crew. All the penguin crew members will be soldiers, and you will get an achievement for getting your first penguin crew member.

Once you have enough crew members, you will receive a ship license. There are 5 different ship licenses that you must obtain in order to fully upgrade your ship. You can find the upgrades listed below, as well as the requirements and licenses for each.

Once you have enough Upgrade Modules, head back to Penguin Pete at the Outpost. After speaking with him, your ship will be upgraded immediately. Teleport back to your ship to see the newly upgraded area. The area will be closed off, but just use your Matter Manipulator to remove the blocks. Repeat this process until you have 10 crew members and the biggest ship upgrade. After your ship is fully upgraded, you can recruit two additional members. From the S.A.I.L. panel, you can dismiss crew members.

You can order up to 2 crew members to accompany you, and they will beam down to planets with you to provide combat support. They will respawn on the ship upon death. The Tailor and Geologist can't leave the ship, but everyone else is armed and ready to help you.

Crew members that grant ship upgrades like reduced FTL fuel usage or increased ship speed have diminishing returns, to a minimum of 1/3 effectiveness. However, they can be stacked infinitely, limited only by your crew capacity.

When using BYOS, you need to place items like Crappy Crew Bed or Crew Bed on your ship to increase your

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