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Transformers 2007 Dvdrip 300 Mb Movies 14


Transformers 2007 Dvdrip 300 Mb Movies 14

a small drive-by attack by nebulan mercenaries gives the autobots a chance to take the bulk of the decepticons down and disables three of the four starfish-like robots. however, the decepticons manage to escape and they later move into the desert to make their final plans to destroy the humans. optimus prime comes across the remains of one of the decepticons, crosshairs, who died in the first movie, and the autobot leader speculates that it is possible that megatron and crosshairs' body had been kept alive to be used as a puppet. while at the refrigerator to get some food, crosshairs suddenly arises from it, only to be blown to bits by a hand-held grenade launcher. optimus then tells jazz that he plans to confront megatron again, stating that it is time to settle their differences. as the autobots watch, five decepticons, including megatron, arrive in the desert.

the decepticons decide to hire an expensive advertising consultant, chazz anderson, to publicize their high-tech "spy in the sky" aircraft and their most powerful robot, maximilian, a modified combiner, in an attempt to take over the world. meanwhile, sideswipe's father, zeke, is devastated by the death of his best friend. seeking revenge on the decepticons, sideswipe and his friends take up the battle, which culminates at the decepticon base of operations. primus is knocked out, maximilian is destroyed, and several decepticons are rescued by sideswipe's allies.

the autobots decide to interrogate the decepticons' prison transport plane, a space-age nasa-style craft. while doing so, they discover it has been secretly converted into a mobile cybertronian laboratory. the autobots and their allies then land and free the decepticon prisoners, who arrive on earth to find that their scientist colleagues have already freed them. with the decepticons' scientists and the autobots' allies in their employ, the decepticons decide to take over the world. 3d9ccd7d82


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