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Buy Maxi Skirts Online

Maxi skirts are long skirts that skirt the ankle or are floor length. The year 2012 saw the real boom in the fashion of maxi skirts. These skirts took over street fashion by storm and are still a hot favourite amongst celebrities and designers. Missoni launched a skirt with signature prints while Roberto Cavalli recommends skirts for a casual evening.

buy maxi skirts online

Long skirts are practical, super chic and practical for various occasions if paired with the right blouse . You can also wear elegant and sophisticated accessories to make the look more classy.

It is a general misconception that a full-length piece is difficult to wear without it looking overbearing and unnatural. The rise in popularity of fashion bloggers and style sites has led to many options. You can easily look drop dead gorgeous in a maxi skirt and still feel comfortable.

Maxi long skirts can be worn with a variety of tops. The trend this season is wearing a skirt with a bustier top. Cardigans and jackets are usually not the best things to wear with maxi skirts. Celebrities like Miranda Kerr, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, and Anne Hathway are all huge fans of the Maxi Skirt.

One can look petite while wearing maxi skirts but also look tall if styled correctly. No matter what shape or size, maxi skirts look beautiful on everyone. They are versatile, easy to style and incredibly comfortable. These skirts have become a wardrobe staple because of their multi-functionality.

When you wear a maxi skirt with a graphic tee and a nice casual jacket , you will give off a sporty vibe. If you love florals, you can pair maxi floral skirts with a basic tee and layer it with a cardigan for the perfect spring wear. A crop top will look chic if worn higher up with a long skirt. If you wear a blazer or a tee and a long skirt, it will easily look gorgeous for a fall, winter look.

function a10_article_long() document.getElementById("a10_readmore_short").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("a10_readmore").style.display = "block"; function a10_article_short() document.getElementById("a10_readmore").style.display = "none"; document.getElementById("a10_readmore_short").style.display = "block"; The idea of what a maxi dress was back at the turn of the century, to what a maxi dress is now are very different, and us girls are in for a nice surprise. Maxi dresses are no longer a voluminous bunch of fabric ruffled together to cover you up without shape, and not much style. The dress has been reborn for a modern romantic so that any Babyboo babe can float through their day or night with charm, confidence and a little bit of sass.

So, what is a maxi dress? It's a salty yet sweet combination of long flowing fabrics, draped in all the right places offering you a much more flattering fit, and with plenty of style to accentuate your curves. Maxi dresses are usually formfitting at the top with a variety of necklines and loose flowing at the bottom. Designs at Babyboo Fashion are hand designed and selected to help you remove the preconceived idea that less is more, because with a maxi; more is much, much more.

Yet, a question that many babes may ask is a maxi dress formal? The answer is as much as you want it to! If you are planning on wearing a maxi dress to any type of formal event, having the right cut maxi number will bring you comfort, but not scrimp on sophistication. Having the right cut, fabric and accessories will make you look polished and dressed with purpose.

If your maxi dress is the canvas, then accessories are your paint. Any maxi dress can be styled for your occasion and mood. The right accessories can also help you create a lean, sleek silhouette and by wearing a belt around the narrowest part of your waist, you can emphasise your shape, or simply add jackets, cardigans or blazers for some structure.

Dressed up with gold bold jewellery, a red lip and heeled shoes, maxi dresses exude sophistication that's appropriate for a sizzling date with bae, or even heading to work at the office. The same dress can look casual paired with a floppy hat and some funky bangles, suitable to stay comfortable at the beach or on holiday.

And of course, what would any woman be without the perfect pair of shoes? To balance out the length of the maxi dress, many women turn to platforms, wedges or espadrilles, which add height and length to the body as well as offer a summer day romance feel. Taller women, or those looking for a more boho look, can pair their maxi dresses with sandals or even flip-flops for an earthier vibe.

Similar to styles such as satin dresses, the most important part to selecting maxi dresses is getting the right cut. Reviewing the length on your maxi dress is crucial. To create a flattering look with your maxi, choose a hemline that brushes the top of your feet. Make sure that it is not too short and is cutting off at the ankles making you look disproportionate. It's also important for your threads to not drag along the ground causing you to trip over or have your hem covered in mud after a day strolling the countryside.

After you have got the right length for your maxi dress, it's time to give people curve envy by letting the fabric of the dress shape and drape you in all the right places. An empire waist or an A-line cut can make you look leaner, while a V-neck or halterneck will help to elongate the body and make the shoulders appear smaller.

For those who are concerned about their chest, the maxi has got your girls covered. If you are lucky enough to be well endowed, wearing a maxi dress with straps is a must. Having straps on your maxi can hold the girls up and prevent the use of the dreaded strapless bra. Straps will also prevent any sagging or spillage, as well as avoid the need to constantly readjust.

If you are a lean mean fighting machine, you can get away with wearing a strapless bra comfortably making sure your girls are secure and supported. Wearing a strapless bra with a maxi dresses can create more definition to your bust, adding extra curves to your petite silhouette.

Even colours and patterns can play a role in getting your maxi dress to flatter your figure. Voluptuous babes are suited to medium or large prints while our more petite ladies can pull off smaller and busier pattern. If you choose a printed maxi dress, try and cinch the dress at the waist to break up the pattern and add diversity to your ensemble. This season, floral prints are reigning supreme, as they emulate that oh so boho-chic, romantic and effortless look.

Here at Babyboo Fashion we do more than just hand design, create and hand select stylish threads. We help women empower women and we want our amazing clothing to be the ones you pick out of your wardrobe first. Not only because you will look totally slay in your new maxi dress, it's also because you will feel sexy, empowered, confident and beautiful when wearing it. We take on advice from our friends, family and women just like you from around the globe and on what fashion empowers them.

There is one thing more important than looking totally fierce in your luxurious maxi dresses, and that is to feel as bold as your personality in it. Feeling amazing in your perfect outfit gives you the liberty to not only feel and look beautiful, it gives you the confidence to take on the world. Our custom size guide is available for you to measure your curves correctly and get the right fit for your beautiful body. If you require further sizing information our Babyboo babes in the customer care team will be more than happy to assist you.

When you buy from Babyboo Fashion, you know that our Australian online store and support team are there for you. Not only are you going to look on point in your amazing new get up, you won't have to justify to yourself about adding extra items to your cart. We will always strive to deliver you hottest dresses at the most affordable prices and deliver this from our warehouse centre to almost every babe worldwide. Babyboo Fashion also has Afterpay available to suit your budget needs.

The idea of what a maxi dress was back at the turn of the century, to what a maxi dress is now are very different, and us girls are in for a nice surprise. Maxi dresses are no longer a voluminous bunch of fabric ruffled together to cover you up without shape, and not much style. The dress has been reborn for a modern romantic so that any Babyboo babe can float through their day or night with charm, confidence and a little bit of sass. 041b061a72


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