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Beautiful City Subtitles Croatian ((FULL))

Austria, Vienna in particular, is a very popular destination among Croatians as it can be very easily reached by car. Vienna is a beautiful city made up of stunning architecture and gorgeous imperial palaces like Schönbrunn, the main summer residence of the Habsburg monarchy. This capital city can be reached in just over four hours by car when traveling from Zagreb.

Beautiful City subtitles Croatian

Uniquely, a city break in Zagreb can double up as a skiing holiday. Mountain Medvednica is just a twenty-minute drive from the city, and its Sjleme ski resort is never overcrowded. If skiing terrifies you even more than ice-skating, you should still take a day to walk up Sjleme. Arguably, it's at its most beautiful under a thick covering of snow - brilliantly white and magnificently silent. Eat at a cosy mountain-top tavern before catching the bus back down to town.

Both a restaurant and a wine bar, Dubravkin Put, is a casual, warm, and inviting restaurant focusing on Mediterranean cuisine. Set in Tuškanac forest, which is only minutes from the city center, its terrace offers pleasing views of the surrounding natural scenery. Its contemporary interior makes it a great place for everything from family lunches to business dinners. The wine bar, located at the entrance, is a beautiful spot for a relaxed bite to eat and a glass of delicious wine. Check the website

As a part of his story as an undercover spy, Lord Forger aka Twilight marries a beautiful city hall worker Yor, and together they adopt a daughter, Anya, and a dog. However, unknown to Lord Forger his wife is a deadly undercover assassin, his daughter is a runaway psychic who can read the minds of everyone she meets, and the dog is from an experimental lab that gave him powers to tell the future. In order to maintain their image as a perfect family, they all hide their true identities from each other, with hilarious, and heartwarming results.

To truly appreciate the spectacular beauty of San Miguel Allende, you have to see it from above. For the best place to take in the epic view, head up the hill towards the restaurant Los Milagros Terraza. Just down Salida Real a Querétaro from the restaurant is El Mirador (the lookout point) where you can take in the beautiful view of the city.

Split truly is beautiful in all kinds of weather. The ancient city of Roman pedigree is getting to be one of the most popular destinations lately, for a reason. Along with being a historical city, Split is also the biggest Dalmatian city. Meaning, there is plenty to do in Split, even if you can't go to the beach.

The National Theatre in Rijeka is an important institution of the city. It sits in the city centre in a beautiful building designed by a Viennese design studio in 1880s. More important than the building are the performances that go on inside. Amazing theatre plays, operas and ballet performances are all on the calendar of Rijeka's Croatian National Theatre. If you are facing a rainy day during your stay in Rijeka make sure to check what's on in the theatre and enjoy the show. It just might be an opportunity for that evening of culture and art you were promising your partner for months.

The bell tower of Saint Euphemia Church is the symbol of Rovinj. Apart from roof to shelter you from the rain, this church built in a mix of baroque and Venetian styles is rewarding for its beautiful interior with numerous altars and statues. The main altar is dedicated to the martyr Saint Euphemia, the patron saint of the city. The church also holds the sarcophagus of her relics dating from the year 800AD. 041b061a72


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