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Zombeer Download PC Game [HOT]

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Zombeer Download PC Game

Levels, yes there are levels and they all look pretty much the same, lots of green pipes and purple scattered around. As you progress through the game you will come across certain objects that you may recognise. Why they are there I have no clue but they are there. I saw the head from Saw, a hatched egg from Alien, the tricycle from The Shining, A carbonite casket from Star Wars and a dragon from somewhere that has a dragon (does it really matter at this point?).

As I played Zombeer I became aware that what the developers have done is play a lot of great games and take parts out of some of them and throw them all together in a pot, add far too much booze and god knows what other substances, mix it all up and come up with this. I say this because during the game you have to hack vending machines which comes straight out of bioshock. The pink dildo is an obvious reference to Saints Row 3. The overly busty bouncing breasts of the zombies and other characters has to have come from something like Dead Or Alive. There are references to Call Of Duty, Mario, Pacman, Uncharted and more besides. The game also has an overall look as though the Joker from the Tim Burton Batman films was hired as a graphic designer for most of this as well.

I really want to believe that the designers were going for the ironic take on a FPS and wanted to throw as much clichés and nods to other games sarcastically as possible. I want to believe that. It feels however as though it began as that and then just went downhill. Other games have had nods to different games and movie references and have done them well or at least subtly. Zombeer is neither of these.

Overall this game feels like it is intended for the student market but I think that they will probably have missed this. It feels too puerile and adolescent to be of interest to all but a few people. The draw of large breasted, rabbit headed female zombies has to be a small market surely. I can see where the developers wanted to go with the joke references and pop culture nods but I feel that they missed the mark. Other games have done similar and have found a balance to it all or at least a way to keep it fresh, Zombeer felt too much like a random mix of everything else and not enough of its own identity.

All in all I would say that this game is a bad mash up of Saints Row 3, Catherine and Call of Duty with bits of others chucked in. This game would be overpriced at 3-5 but at 11.99 its just insanity.

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In the game, there are a number of woman who are rather well endowed. Given how not everyone appreciates such well endowed women, how will you answer the inevitable criticism that your game is sexist and that you should be eaten by the undead as punishment?

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While this could potentially add some real urgency to your quest, we found that we hardly ever ran the risk of running out of the amber brew. In fact, the only times that we ever came close to zombification is when we struggled to determine where to head next, due to the confusing level design. As a result, the relentless chugging of ale really only serves to further the frat house humour that flows through the game.

Wow, this looks to be disgusting, just disgusting. I don't even understand what's going on, drinking alochol prevents you from turning into a zombie, but it's not a big deal that a chunk of flesh is missing from your arm? What on earth are you supposed to be? I'm even sure I want to know, the review was already tmi about the game lol.

i happen to really love this game!! Lol I love immature sex and crude jokes!! People need to lighten up its not suppose to be a challenging game it's suppose to be fun and entertaining! I happen to like the story line too! I hope they make more! And this game has so much potential to improve! But I'm sick of all the zombie games being the same! This one is out side the box and new! Maybe next game we can play a girl?? Lol

I dared to delve into the darkness, writing about this particular experience in the hope that other gamers would heed my advice. In plunging to such lows, though, I've found that it's made my outlook on all games brighter, for I will never forget the horrors that I encountered in gaming hell.

So, the next time that you think that 900p isn't enough, or that the latest PlayStation Plus games suck, be careful, because Zombeer can hear you, and it's hungry for brains. Don't believe me? Take a look in the mirror, say Zombeer three times, and you'll see just how bad games can really get. Should you survive, you just might return with a new found appreciation for your pastime.

I've never heard of this game before now lol. There is a lot of complaining about games these days...I don't usually, but I admit I complained about Destiny. I feel I missed out by not experiencing the horror (for all the wrong reasons) of Zombeer at the time.

I'm trying to think of the worst horror game I have ever played...possibly Silent Hill: Downpour. I have played some truly shocking games in the past...I'm old enough to have experienced E.T the game for example, one of the most famously broken games ever.

Great article. I gained the same appreciation for games with my time playing with all the low-budget indie trash and alphas on Steam (and also Battlefield 4). Playing a game that just works is good enough for me now.

As for the moral of the story, I've always appreciated games as they are and not what they were supposed to be, so I'm okay with some games as long as they're fun. My favorite series of games is Ratchet & Clank. Why? Because I always have a blast playing the games even though they had the same formula for about 8 years.

This also kinda segways (if that's how you spell it) into things like resolution and tech. I don't really comment much on articles that deal with 1080p or something like that because I don't care too much and never can notice it, so wah. I get that it is important but seeing people refuse to play games because the resolution isn't super sparkly is kinda silly in some respects. If it's not broken and it's fun, I don't see what the problem would be.

But... the timer killed a lot of the fun in that game. They created this awesome sandbox, filled with hilariously inventive ways to bash, slice, mulch and electrocute the walking dead... and then forced artificial time constraints on you so you can't just enjoy strolling the malls and casinos re-killing the undead.

I don't doubt the game sucks as a game, and I do think it's stupid to put baps on zombies (note: stupid, not necessarily OMG ORFENSIVE), but the game is clearly aimed at teenage guys and fratboys.And, in the words of Michael Bay; "Oh dear what a crime."

I..... I need to play this.I don't know why, but I have this sort of morbid curiosity about these things. I played Ride to Hell, I played Homefront (and actually liked it), I played Eat Lead, and i played Rogue Warrior (and laughed my ass off at it) and I wouldn't say I enjoyed them (homefront not withstanding, honestly. I liked it. I liked the story even though the gameplay wasnt great) but I got something out of them. Bragging rights, jokes, whatever. I just feel like I need to give them a go. 041b061a72


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