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BTS Run BTS Full Performance

The song is not only a fan-favorite but at the top in the books of BTS members too as Jin stated that he had a lot of fun recording the song. RM on the other hand stated that he was sure fans would love 'Run BTS' more than the other b-side track, 'For Youth'. As 'Run BTS' matched the vibe of BTS, RM stated that he actually tried to envision a performance on the single while recording it. He said, "When I recorded the song I wanted the performance to be exciting and for the listeners to be excited as well. So I focused on making the song as exciting as possible."

BTS Run BTS Full Performance

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One fan said, "ME WAITING FOR A "RUN BTS" PERFORMANCE." A fan joked, "One smack from this man will have u seeing into the future like the first performance of run bts, choreo n everything." One fan said, "Bruh they wore that run bts ass outfit for yet to come plzzzz lmao I hope they can do their own YouTube performance to run bts plzzz."

From Run BTS's performance to Jin announcing the impending release of his solo album and also ARMY's heartfelt gesture for BTS member Jimin to wish him a 'happy birthday' & more, here are all the key highlights of the 'Yet To Come' concert: googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1676371845243-0'); );

BTS showcased its debut performance of one of the most popular songs, titled Run BTS, on the Yet To Come Concert. All the boys, RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-hope, Jungkook, and V, donned all-black outfits and their enthralling performance left the ARMY spellbound.

BTS made their debut performance of the much-demanded song, Run BTS, on Yet To Come concert stage. Donning all the biker jacket costumes, RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-hope, Jungkook, and V made sure to put forward an enthralling and energetic performance which is enough to leave you gasping for air. Watch.

A huge part of the appeal of BTS, and what takes you from being a casual listener to a fully-fledged member of their ARMY, is the joy they seem to take in each other. It's the way they all have their own quirks and strengths as individuals and entertainers but also come together as seven to form something remarkable. Run BTS highlights this teamwork while reinforcing the fact that no matter how many global records they break, millions they earn, or award shows they attend, the members are still a bunch of humble dorks who break things, make fools of themselves, laugh at their own terrible jokes, and throw each other under the bus for the grand prize of instant noodles. It's a reminder that at the end of all this, they still love one another a lot.

Across two hours, the globally renowned pop group put on a memorable spectacle of fiery performances, sparkly outfits, and tear-jerking numbers that still have us in a trance. But while BTS were front and centre, there's an entire team behind them that worked just as hard to put on a show worth remembering.

From the impressive live band that amplified the members' vocal prowess to the choreographers that gifted us with that jaw-dropping performance of 'Run BTS', here are some of the creatives that worked behind the scenes of BTS' Yet To Come in Busan concert.

BTS are known to set the stage on fire with their powerful movements and incredible synchronisation, but fueling those flames is an entire team of incredibly talented dancers and choreographers. Helmed by BIGHIT MUSIC's resident performance directors Yoon Seongeun, Lee ByungEun, and Kim Minsung, Yet To Come in Busan was a mesmerising show that had you in awe the whole way through.

And yes, these were also the same people, with the additional talents of choreographers Riehata and Sienna Lalau, behind that unforgettable live performance of 'Run BTS'. You might also recognize Sienna and her work on BTS' Permission To Dance in Las Vegas concerts, where she was joined by her dance crew The Lab, as well as her iconic choreography for 'ON'.

Backing BTS the whole night as they took over the stage was none other than Ten Agency, who were also the group's backup dancers in the music video and several performances for 'Permission To Dance' and Permission To Dance in Seoul concert.

A live band adds so much to a concert, it breathes new life into performances we've seen time and time again and in the case of Yet To Come in Busan, it brought out whole new energy to songs we so dearly love. BTS has a knack for putting together a stunning lineup for their backing band (just check out Ghost from their Tiny Desk performance) and it's no different time around.

The BTS Freight Indicators is a dashboard that puts more than 40 freight transportation statistics at your fingertips. From ports to trucks to rail, get weekly and monthly updates on the U.S. freight transportation system's capacity and performance.

One bit, in particular, did catch Army's attention. As the episode was divided into three different segments from consonant quiz to picture speed quiz and finally songs based on ARMY's choice, one of the questions was based on which performance does Army consider the best. The members were confused between Dynamite and Dionysus performance at the Melon Music Awards, but finally, Dionysus at the 2019 MMA's took the win.

While recalling the performance, Jimin went on to mention how hard the performance was and how he wanted to throw up. Even J-Hope agreed that they had practiced a lot for that particular performance. But it all worked out for the best since Dionysus really is their coolest live performance out there.

In the pre-chorus, Jungkook, Jimin, and V sing, "We from the bottom / I caught you bae, bae / We're a bit fast, We seven mate, mates / Look carefully, we got us." These lyrics seem to reflect how the members of BTS turned to one another as they experienced ups and downs climbing from the bottom of a saturated musical landscape toward success at breakneck speed. Despite what naysayers said ("Tell me what you wanna," they sing), the members were always there for one another, encouraging one another to push on. 041b061a72


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