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Thunder Force

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We typically see the same type of superhero story: a dark brooding hero saving the world. This was a fresh way to deliver a classic superhero concept, dramatically strengthened by the central narrative of lifelong friendships and the ways in which women can combine to become a powerful force. Friendships are forever, even if life and supervillains try to get in the way.

The Thunder Force Series is a series consisting of six shoot 'em up video games. Most of the games revolve around a group called the Galaxy Federation struggling to protect the galaxy from the evil, omnicidal ORN Empire, to gain the advantage in the war, they construct a a series of small, but powerful starfighters, to help counter the invading forces and destroy the main source of the Empire.

The music on Thunderforce III is phenomenal, I still remember loading the game, and going to the Sound test to listen to the chiptune, which seems to defy all those who said that the Megadrive/genesis had an inferior sound chip to the SNES. 59ce067264

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