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[S5E5] Home \/\/FREE\\\\

Lauren is a senior editor at Hearst. She was previously the senior editor at and the home editor at and Her book club, ramen, and jean jackets are a few of her favorite things.

[S5E5] Home


Meanwhile, Roseanne calls back where the only semi-qualified staff available is Delia who has been instructed to answer the phone only. Mrs. Dawley is frantic at this point as she is bleeding and feeling as though she will explode. Delia attempts to talk the patient through the labor and sends Sister Monica Joan to fetch Patsy at the maternity home.

With Nurse Lucille Anderson leaving Poplar to go home to Jamaica in Call The Midwife Season 12's second episode, fans are worried actor Leonie Elliott may be gone from the series for good. Her farewell letter to viewers confirms it.

Home Base Nation is the official podcast of Home Base Program for Veterans and Military Families, a partnership of the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Red Sox Foundation. To learn more and connect with us at Home Base Nation:

In a flashback, 18-year-old Kate sees a doctor at the clinic where she plans to get her abortion. She has to answer questions and learn about the process, but abortion laws require her to wait to have the procedure. Later, she returns home to hear Rebecca leaving a message from New York where she went to see Kevin's acting showcase. Kate tries to answer the phone but Rebecca has already hung up. Kate does not call her back.

Randall arrives home from work and shows Beth the personal message that was sent to his office. The message is from a man named Hai, whose identity has been teased since the beginning of the season. Apparently, Hai recognized William's name from Randall's viral video and reached out because he knew Randall's biological mother, Laurel. He shares that Laurel died of breast cancer in May, 2015 and includes a picture of a young Laurel and William. Randall is shaken to his core. He is afraid this means that William lied to him about Laurel dying of an overdose the day after his birth. Randall talks to his therapist who encourages him to learn Laurel's story. 041b061a72


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