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Download Calculator Lock Video Lock Mod Apkdone Com Apk ((EXCLUSIVE))

And speaking of which, Android users can now enjoy working with this amazing mobile application of HideX, which will provide you with the perfect tools and features to keep your files and galleries well-protected. By featuring the realistic calculator disguise, which require certain password combinations to unlock, no one will be able to discover your important files.

Download Calculator Lock Video Lock mod apkdone com apk

Download File:

With HideX, Android users can have all the locks and vaults on their Android system being completely disguised and hidden from the normal eyes. Now, instead of browsing the gallery app at the home screen, users will enter a fully-featured calculator which allow users to freely make their standard or professional mathematic calculations. Only when entered the correct numeric PIN and password combinations that you can unlock the app.

For those of you who need to download videos online, HideX will provide you with a perfect environment for downloading and storing videos with complete privacy. Start by making uses of the useful search tools to look for any movies or videos that you like to download from the Internet. Make uses of the private video download to automatically download the videos in the background without showing the details of the processes. And upon receiving the files, HideX will proceed to automatically save them on your video vaults to protect them.

With HideX, Android users can now enjoy downloading Facebook and Instagram videos, thanks to the powerful video downloader. Feel free to select any online videos that you wish to download and HideX will proceed to download and enable their complete privacy.

Here in HideX, Android users will have the option to work with multiple vaults with different passwords for their different photos and videos collections. Simply use the app to set up your fake calculator app and easily open up any vaults with your preferred PIN code. Feel free to use the mobile app to create unlimited secret folders and import any files into your safe vaults.

And with the break-in alert, Android users can choose to silently capture the picture of anyone who tries to unlock your gallery vaults without them even knowing. Only when you return to the app and enter your passwords should these images being shown. Use this to have better precautions against the certain intruders later on.

The useful mobile app will offer a wide variety of different tools, which would help you to save the data on your phones by enabling many ways to lock your apps and prevent intruders from accessing the app without them even knowing it. Feel free to use the app to enable face lock, pattern lock, passcodes, fingerprints, and other smart and useful features. All of which should allow you to enjoy the awesome mobile application to the fullest.

Here in AppLock: Fingerprint, Android users will have the option to work with useful Applock, which allows them to lock their apps with password and protect their privacy with many amazing features. The compatible and functional app locker lets you enable different locking mechanisms on all of your applications without any troubles. So you can easily select and enable these different locking options whenever you want.

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy different locking mechanisms in AppLock: Fingerprint, which will allow you to freely set up the app locks on your system. Here, the app will support all the standard locking options that are available with your current hardware. Thus, allowing you to have many options to work with.

Start by using the standard PINs and Passwords to enable locks on your apps. Feel free to add any code and text combinations to make your locks extremely secured. You can enable multiple passwords and codes for your apps or have different ones on each of them.

Also enjoy working with the fingerprint scanner on your devices, by simply using your saved fingerprints on the mobile devices or adding new ones. And the Scalable Pattern lock also offers endless combinations for you to work with. Here, the app lets you scale from the simple 33 pattern lock to the whopping 1818 pattern, which is absolutely impossible to unlock unless you know the patterns.

Together with the standard locking options, AppLock: Fingerprint also features many smart options for you to work with. Here, the app lets you choose to lock or unlock certain targets at only specific times. Or you can also make use of the certain WiFi or Bluetooth connections as indicators for locking and unlocking mechanisms. And for the latest devices that come with Face Unlock, you can also use this feature in AppLock: Fingerprint. Simply look at the phone or tablet to have your apps unlocked.

For newly installed applications, you can sometimes forget to enable the app lock features on it. So AppLock: Fingerprint will let you automatically enable locking mechanisms on new apps. This will make sure that your data is always protected.

To make the app more interesting, AppLock: Fingerprint also offers the useful lock screen, which will let you change your current lock screen to a better one. Using the available decorations and customizations, AppLock: Fingerprint lets you change the backgrounds however you want and make awesome elements of customizations to each of them. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the awesome mobile application to the fullest.

And if you accidentally forget or lose your save files for available passwords on the apps, AppLock: Fingerprint also offers the option to reset your lost passwords. Simply access the application and enter your grand password to unlock other apps and update your locking mechanisms.

With the app still featuring ads and in-app purchases, you might want to go for the modified version of AppLock: Fingerprint on our website to enjoy its full functions for free. Here, we offer the ad-free and unlocked application for all Android users to download without having to pay any extras. All it takes is for you to download the AppLock: Fingerprint Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start using it to secure your important applications.

Get ready to enjoy the absolute levels of security on your mobile devices, as AppLock: Fingerprint will allow Android users to easily lock all their mobile applications without any troubles. Feel free to use it to enable Fingerprints, Scalable Patterns, Passwords, Passcodes, Face Unlock, and many other smart and secured options on your system. All of which should make sure that your device is completely protected from others even when you are not around.

Here in Calculator Lock Video Lock, Android users will have themselves one of the most private and brilliant video lock and app hider tools. Instead of simply hiding the apps or videos from the regular eyes, the app can even purposely disguise the vault as a calculator, which only you can open and no one will be able to recognize. This should allow people to confidently save all their important files and app data without any risks of being discovered.

Enjoy working with the powerful Photo Vault that will hide all your important photos and videos from others. Unlock the useful App Hider to protect important apps from the normal eyes. Have access to the private browser and VPN services that would ensure your privacy and anonymity. Explore the useful Cloud Storage to easily backup and sync your important data.

For those of you who are interested in this amazing mobile application of Calculator Lock Video Lock, you can simply pick up the free app from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users to download and enjoy. Just keep in mind that the freemium app will still come with certain ads and in-app purchases, which you need to pay to unlock.

With the private browser available in Calculator Lock Video Lock, Android users can also enjoy browsing the Internet without having to worry about their online privacy. Here, the app prevents your browsing history from being exploited by others while also allowing you to download videos directly inside the app. As a result, you can always enjoy your own entertainment world inside the app. And of course, the VPN connection will make sure that your online experiences are completely protected.

With the app still featuring ads and in-app purchases, you will definitely find it quite annoying working with the Google Play app. Hence, you might want to take a look at our modified version of Calculator Lock Video Lock instead. Here we offer the premium unlocked application with removed ads, disabled analytics and trackers, optimized performances, and removed unwanted files and permissions. All of which should allow you to make the most of the app and its features for absolutely free. Simply download the Calculator Lock Video Lock Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and start making uses of the powerful tool 041b061a72


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