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[S3E6] Apology Tour

Here, the writers dodge an attempt at a reckoning, instead having Geordi shame Dr. Brahms in a way that sounds more like someone justifying abuse than apologizing: GEORDI: Ever since you came on board, you've been badgering me and I've taken it. I've shown you courtesy, and respect, and a hell of a lot of patience. Oh, no, no, no, wait a minute. I've tried to understand you. I've tried to get along with you. And in return, you've accused, tried and convicted me without bothering to hear my side of it. So, I'm guilty, okay? But not of what you think. Of something much worse. I'm guilty of reaching out to you, of hoping we could connect. I'm guilty of a terrible crime, Doctor. I offered you friendship. Dr. Brahms is allowed no rebuttal and thus no identity beyond that of being another woman who has rejected perpetual-nice-guy Geordi La Forge. After working together to save the Enterprise, the two meet for a drink. Where you might expect Geordi to offer an apology for his creepy behavior, the writers instead have Dr. Brahms abjectly apologize, talking about how she was wrong and needs to lighten up. Her final words on the subject: LEAH: I wouldn't change a thing. Except for the way I behaved. I guess I came here with my own set of preconceptions about you.The Next Generation has several positive portrayals of women scientists. It goes out of its way to represent women in command positions, but it should not be uncritically lauded as progressive, as any Star Trek remains an imperfect testament to a promised utopia that is always falling short, both in their timeline and ours.

[S3E6] Apology Tour

Bridgette decides to apologize to Geoff by singing "I'm Sorry," but Geoff does not fully accept her apology. Blaineley then shows Bridgette's "recap" which is entirely composed of clips of her with Alejandro. Geoff gets frustrated even further. After a video guest asks Bridgette if she would make out with another pole, Bridgette and Geoff start bickering, much to Blaineley's pleasure. Blaineley then declares it a "Total Smackdown," a new segment she came up with that involves the two teens in a boxing arena and preparing to fight each other. They begin the segment, but instead of fighting, they end up making out. Blaineley gets incredibly frustrated and quits the show with the interns grab her, while Beth flirts with the pole. Eva then angrily signs off the show by singing "because they told her to." However, she gets angry and yells "Aw, forget this!" and kicks one of the stage props offset.

TinFoilChef joined Hermitcraft Season 2 at the same time as Sl1pg8r, Spumwack and Marriland, who had all played on the FTB server alongside the hermits. During his first few weeks on the server, TinFoilChef claimed a small island where he created a couple farms and a cobblestone shack, a base which he had called his 'Very Humble Abode.' When the server updated to 1.7, he was one of the first to move to New Hermiton, building a giant replica of a red mushroom out of stained glass, with several underground farms and a strip mine that led to his base. This base was a small incomplete castle on a hill not far from New Hermiton, with several large farms around it and a motel (called Motel 1.7) a short distance away that served as a landmark on the horse racing track. Aside from these bases, he created a few other projects, including a shop called Needfull Things, which sold tools and armor, and his participation in the ABBA caving tournament and UHCs. He made 52 episodes in this season.

TinFoilChef has only uploaded a few episodes, including his trademark quick episode during which he tours his base during Season 7, because of his health. His base is similar to his Season 6 bunker as the top of his base is a small wooden shack, which go down to the area for materials. So far he has not done much work on his base due to health issues, but he has found diamonds. ImpulseSV gave him samples from his shop despite him not usually being online. On May 27, 2020, he officially returned. In his second episode back (5th episode) he got an elytra and in his 3rd episode back (6th episode) he got a goodie box from Keralis with full armour and tools. Did you think she owed you an apology? CJJ: She STILL owes me an apology. She took what I said out of context and made a big howdy do out of nothing - a mountain out of a molehill. She felt she needed to stand up to me, but it was nothing more than pointless puffing. After all, she came into MY circle of friends. She tried it and failed. It takes more than petty insults and jabs to ruffle my feathers.

The acid was actually margarita mix that Ivy scrounged together, but it proved Ivy's point that the Joker did not care about Harley. Ivy pulled her out of the "acid" and explained that she set it all up, before taking Harley back to her apartment. Shortly afterward, a goon from the Joker arrived at the apartment and literally exploded, serving as the Joker's apology to Harley. Harley then went off to break up with the Joker, with Ivy standing by to assist if needed, but Harley ended up needing no help so Ivy simply offered to get her some Thai food.

She arrived at Mister Freeze's mansion irritated that she had to be pulled away, but dutifully examined Nora's blood and came up with an idea to transmute Mister Freeze's blood into Nora's incredibly rare blood type, allowing a blood transfusion - this, however, would kill him in the process as his body rejects an unusual blood type. She had Kite Man retrieve an ingredient for the process and then explained the solution to Mister Freeze, with him readily agreeing to the procedure. He saved his wife, and Ivy left with Kite Man back to the Gotham Mall, who accepted her apology about leaving and agreed that they could get married anywhere. However, when Condiment King called Kite Man to gloat using bad condiment puns, Ivy declared that he was her nemesis as well.

Harley and Ivy were enjoying their time together in bed at their fancy hotel suite. As they ate breakfast, they watched Tawny Young on the TV reporting about a new villain terrorizing Detroit. Live at the scene, Mephitic, self-proclaimed "best poisonous villain", called out Ivy on TV as his inferior before beating up the heroes fighting him. As the report ends, Ivy proclaimed that they had take a detour to stop him. Harley was surprised when Ivy told her she didn't just want to beat him up because of his comments but help save people from him, thinking about how she had spent the last few months hurting the people she loves.

Later that night, Harley and Ivy broke into Nightfall's house although Ivy worried it was wrong of them to be in her home uninvited, especially after feeling responsible for her getting her arrested after the riot at the wedding. Although Harley begged her and she relented so they spend the night. In the morning, Harley was confronted by Livewire, Nightfall's girlfriend, who was furious although she calmed down upon seeing Ivy. They sat down and explained their situation and Ivy apologized. Not ready to accept her apology, explaining she broke Kite Man's heart and caused a lot of them to be arrested, Livewire threw them both out.

Ivy and Harley had made themselves at home at the Fortress of Solitude, hiding from Commissioner Gordon and watching a porn parody of themselves, marvelling over the fact it had only been two weeks since they got together. A hologram of Superman's dead father suddenly appeared scolding them for being there and watching a dirty movie. He called up Superman who appeared in his place at which point Harley and Ivy headed out, blowing a hole in the wall and jumping aboard Wonder Woman's invisible jet. After Ivy asked what they should do next Harley announced what she has dubbed the "Eat, Bang, Kill tour": including them traveling the world, stealing and heisting, frauding Gordon out of money, having sex and sunbathing together. 041b061a72


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