Attention! the masks are not CDC, WHO or medically approved. They can be used as a fashion statement, a cover over (for any approved medical masks), or by its own, with the filter that everyone can make themselves. Although not 100% protective, the mask will do a lot to protect from small particles and debris. With the sanitized filter, the mask can have an extra disinfecting layer. 

Washing directions:

Soak the mask in the hot water for couple of minutes; 

Hand wash with soap;  

Dry under the sun;

Spray with Rubbing Alcohol;

Iron the mask over protective clout, to protect the logo;

Cut the filter from: medical mask, or coffee filter, or paper towel, or another natural fabric, 

Put inside and Its safe and ready. 

It takes 1:15min to make one mask, I can only donate up to 10 masks a week to the field of humanitarian services,

please donate cotton fabric and other materials, so I can keep serving people in need.

The products made with love, each work is unique. 

For any custom orders, please refer to the Contact Page, and submit a request.  Stay safe, stay healthy. Thank you!

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