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About Inga Van Ardenn

 Inga Van Ardenn is the sole founder and creator of this virtual playground of Reality of Life and Inner Journey of Light.  She’s been inspired by Mystical Experiences with Light and Unconditional Mother’s Love to share her Journey of Life and the Wisdom she’s been enlightened with by a number of wonderful people in her life.  She has inherited her healing skills as well as her handcraft skills from the family. Her unique journey has introduced her the World of Martial Arts and Filmmaking.

Born and raised in Russia in a family with an enormous ancestry of handcrafters and healers she has inherited her natural skills and power to Create, Guide and Manifest.  Most of her time growing up in Russia she spent in different places close to the Nature, among different herbs and plants. In a very short time she learned to understand how nutrition is important for a healthy life style and wellbeing.  Later on in her life, after moving and living in Europe and then relocating to the US, she has gained more knowledge in Nutrition and other medicinal aspects. Here is a list of IVA

Her personal endeavors with multiple traumas (physical and mental) and dealing with it, spiritual quest as well as encountering physical and mental abuse ignited her passion for helping people.  

Being bullied at school she had started taking various Martial Arts classes, such as: Sambo and Shotokan Karate, kick-boxing and boxing, Tae-Kwon-Do.  


IVA’s extensive professional career as a Martial Artist (athlete and an international instructor) as well as her family’s inheritance as a natural healer and a knowledgeable and practicing nutritionist have contributed to the creation of her own healthy life style system.

Here is a list of IVA’s achievements through her Tae-Kwon-Do professional career: