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Guidance •  Education •  Entertainment

About the World of Inga Van Ardenn


Our website is a virtual Land of Life, Creativity, and Experiences. We share our tools to help You create Inner Peace and Happiness, Health and Wealth, Beauty and Magic. Here, at www.IngaVanArdenn.com, we provide Personal Guidance, Education and Entertainment through online consultations, sessions, programs, seminars, projects, arts, and products. We are covering important aspects of life like physical, mental, creative and spiritual.


Blog is the place we share our weekly news, the journey of colors, art work and life experiences. Great place to get involved, and leave comments, it will help us grow. 

Boutique will be expanding as we continue to work on the collection and product development. Right now in IVA art boutique we have accessory collection made by hands. The art pieces are made with different fabrics, hand, machine sawed, crochet, and made in meditative state (part of "the path of light") with the colors of the product. 

Services online covering following areas (open to expend):

  • Virtual Friendship 

  • Mind and Self-Discovery

  • Physical Health and Nutrition

  • Online Lessons (Martial Arts, Fitness, Jump Rope, Knitting, Crocheting, Sawing)

  • Journey of Colors (12 weeks, group up to 6 people, life exploration through colors)

  • Fit For Life Personal Program (customer tailored life program)

  • Seminars/Ceremonies (only by recommendations)

  • Art and Fashion (coming soon)

  • Traveling (coming soon)


The next three coming up projects will be available for the members after we will be completing the structure of the library (the growth part of the process):


      Fit For Life presents information in different areas of healthy lifestyle, physical and mental state, motion, and energetic unity of body and mind. We are working on our extensive collection of Videos and Photographs, educational and research materials. read more

       Path Of Light presents educational program “Journey of Colors” through Self-Discovery, awareness and life synchronicity of colors; Inga Van Ardenn’s Inner Journey, live show via Social Media channels; Coming up traveling events, seminars and ceremonies. read more

       Art Fashion presents the path of creation, artistic development, a showcase of projects, collections, photography and IVA’s show; Display of Inga Van Ardenn handmade fashion collection; workshop videos on handcrafts (sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc); read more


Our Values lie in the Power of Creation and Abundance of Love in everyone’s Heart.

Our Mission:

  • To promote, develop and support Individual Uniqueness and Natural Beauty;

  • Share reality, happiness, and love;

  • Maintain bliss equilibrium of life;

  • Provide help to balance body, mind, and soul;

  • Guide in health, physical state, and artistic development;

  • Bring the positive charge into the light direction, life motion and power of creation;

  • Share Love and Light and sparkle happiness.


Our Story:

Miss Inga Van Ardenn, creator and business owner of the Company, is happy to share with You her knowledge, experiences, and life journey. Ms. Van Ardenn carries achievements in Martial Arts, Physical Education, Fashion and Filmmaking. Her life and relationship with Humanity, Earth, and Universe are fascinating. She brings the Equilibrium from her interaction with Spirituality and Reality:


                              “My unique life experiences and my intercommunication with                                       Humanity as well as the Path of Unconditional Love, Light  and Happiness have been the main Inspiration and Desire to build this Company. I’m pleased and excited to be contributing to the Unity of the Worlds of Reality and Spirituality and I am welcoming You to join me and connect to my vibrations.  Let’s walk this blissful journey together and share the Beauty and Love with each other to be the best example for the future generations.”

  - Inga Van Ardenn

Contact  is the best way to communicate, dont hesitate to write us. We are available most Mondays thorough Fridays and can be in any place of the World.

As we constantly grow and evolve, we expand our areas of expertise, interest, and possibilities.

We’re happy to vibrate with You and enjoy different dimensional Worlds of this Universe!

Hopefully, you enjoy your time here.


IVA's team is happy to have you here.

About Our Team

CEO&The Creator 

Inga Van Ardenn is the sole founder and creator of this virtual playground of Reality of Life and Inner Journey of Light.  She’s been inspired by Mystical Experiences with Light and Unconditional Mother’s Love to share her Journey of Life and the Wisdom she’s been enlightened with by a number of wonderful people in her life.  She has inherited her healing skills as well as her handcraft skills from the family. Her unique journey has introduced her the World of Martial Arts and Filmmaking.