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Welcome to IVA's virtual world of dimensional inner connection!

Inga is Happy to tell you about

With my gratefulness I am inviting You into my world. In 2016 I created a website and the company to share my knowledge and experience of my life.

The website was built to have a fundamental collection of healthy lifestyle, spiritual balance and creativity.

The online services I am providing in guidance through inner journey and light, friendship and healing are to help us to support each other and stay connected. I offer personal training in Fitness and Martial Arts.  

In the boutique I have my handmade unique designs of phone pouches, beanies, face masks, and more. Also available to create custom style. 

My communication is through social media and I share it in the blog. Please contact me with the questions, we can make this place grow. 

My Values lie in the Power of Creation and Abundance of Love in everyone’s Heart.

                                                                                                                      - Inga Van Ardenn     

   The Mission is:

  • To promote, develop and support Individual Uniqueness and Natural Beauty;

  • Share reality, happiness, and love;

  • Maintain bliss equilibrium of life;

  • Provide help to balance body, mind, and soul;

  • Guide in health, physical state, and artistic development;

  • Bring the positive charge into the light direction, life motion and power of creation;

  • Share Love and Light and sparkle happiness.


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