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Outlander - Season 4 _TOP_

Filming for season 4 of Outlander took place at various locations across Scotland. From October 2017 to April 2018 cast and crew were busy filming the adaption of book four of the series, Drums of Autumn. Filming started not too far from their base in Scotland, in Gray Buchanan Park, Polmont. It continued, making use of many exciting new locations as well as some that are fondly familiar.

Outlander - Season 4

Gray Buchanan Park, PolmontLocated on the west side of Polmont, Gray Buchanan Park, also, known as Parkhill, was the first known filming location for Outlander season 4, being turned into a graveyard set. It is here that Jamie and young Ian bury Hayes.

The fourth season of Starz's beloved time-travel drama finds Claire and Jamie trying to make a new home in 18th century America, while dealing with the rugged wilderness, dangerous new acquaintances, and other threats in a country on the verge of revolution. Outlander Trading Cards Season 4 feature a 72-card Base Set, five Chase Sets, and randomly inserted Autograph Cards and Wardrobe Cards, which contain pieces of fabric used to make the lavish costumes in the show. Signers include Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe, and other fan-favorite stars of the show.

The season also follows their adult daughter, Briana (Sophie Skelton), who continues to explore her relationship with Roger Mackenzie (Richard Rankin). Throw in some villains and old familiar faces, and Season 4 is a pretty great ride.

"It's very tough to try and fill up all of the different threads, and to have everything come together," Caitriona Balfe told (opens in new tab) in an interview of why some scenes get changed for TV. "You know, our season is only 13 acts. These books are so dense, and there's so much to it. There are times when you are disappointed by some of the stuff that gets changed, but I also think, I don't know that they would have been able to tie up all of the things correctly, just in terms of the time constraints."

Claire and Jamie are soul mates with a strong sexual connection in the books. Claire is well aware of her sensuality and there are many extremely intimate moments (opens in new tab) in the books. Much less so in the TV show this season, despite the undeniable sexual chemistry between Balfe and Heughan. Balfe called the bath tub scene her favorite this season (opens in new tab). It is romantic and sensual and captures the intimacy between Jamie and Claire. There are two other sexual encounters but in only one does Heughan even take his shirt off. In the books, Jamie and Claire never hesitate to be naked together, even on the coldest nights.

"The circumstances [of Murtagh's return] work out quite well," Gabaldon told us in a preseason interview. "The plot always has to be adjusted and given the particular emphasis that they were using on significant parts of the existing plot, they actually took a couple of my suggestions in how Murtagh could be usefully employed in things that were kept at a distance in the books that were definitely there and historically important. I said, 'Well, you know, he could be involved in [the Regulators] and they did a really good job involving him."

After watching six episodes of the season, what remains to be seen is how that love measures up to the complicated reality in which the Frasers have landed, and if the show can ultimately do justice to both the darkness and the light of this tale.

The reunited Frasers landed on American shores after last season's almost-fatal trek around the world. And as the couple now seeks to make a home in the Land of the Free, they come to discover that its citizen are a lot more backwards than the beautiful but dangerous woods they're trying to tame.

Having made it all the way to colonial America in Outlander season four, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) is pleased to find a friendly face in the form of Aunt Jocasta (Maria Doyle Kennedy), one of his only remaining blood relatives anywhere in the world.

The preview for next week's episode showed that the Rufus incident will push Claire and Jamie onwards to settle Fraser's ridge, which was always the intended arc for this season. The slaves on Jocasta's plantation and in the surrounding area will stay behind in the heightened hostility caused by Rufus' actions and Claire's savior complex.

This is not a call to boycott Outlander. I am still a rabid fan and some of my favorite stuff this show has ever done occurs in the upcoming episodes this season. I am just angry at Claire in this episode, but not in the same way you get angry at your favorite TV characters who do stupid things like try to negotiate with Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) by themselves or treat their first husbands like garbage for reasons said husbands can't control. It's a deep-bodied, seething anger that is difficult to articulate. It's not like I'm actually one of the slaves stuck on Jocasta's plantation, but I am a person that still sees the ramifications of that time period still alive and well in 2018.

So with all of that and Claire being with Jamie again, we just know this season is going to have many more highs and lows from trouble with new characters, to Claire inevitably causing a scene in each episode! 041b061a72


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