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The Mask is made up of 3 layers and filter:

The first layer is the decorative front layer with handmade company logo stitched on;  

The second inner cloth layer; 

The third layer is the filter pocket;


Can be cut from: medical mask, coffee filter, paper towel, or another natural fabric. 


Echo friendly, reusable 

Polycotton (more resilient to wear than cotton) 


Elastic bands are adjustable for the ears and can also be custom made to go around the entire head.



Large - Hight from nose to chin is 6,5 inches; Length across face is 8 inches; from the ear to the nose 5,5 inches

Medium - Hight from nose to chin is 6 inches; Length across face is 7,5 inches; from the ear to the nose 4,5 inches 

Small - Children size custom made only, please contact for prize negotiation. 


Attention! the masks are not CDC, WHO or medically approved. They can be used as a fashion statement, a cover over (for any approved medical masks), or by its own, with the filter that everyone can make themselves. Although not 100% protective, the mask will do a lot to protect from small particles and debris. With the sanitized filter, the mask can have an extra disinfecting layer. 

Washing directions:

Soak the mask in the hot water for couple of minutes; 

Hand wash with soap;  

Dry under the sun;

Spray with Rubbing Alcohol;

Iron the mask over protective clout, to protect the logo;

Cut the filter from: medical mask, or coffee filter, or paper towel, or another natural fabric, 

Put inside and Its safe and ready. 

It takes 1h:15min to make one mask, I can only donate up to 10 masks a week to the field of humanitarian services,

please donate cotton fabric and other materials, so I can keep serving people in need.

The products made with love, each work is unique. 

For any custom orders, please refer to the Contact Page, and submit a request.  Stay safe, stay healthy. 

Thank you!

Custom Designer Face Mask Reusable 3 layers&filter, sizes by choice

  • No return on this product is available.

    Adjustment and repair available during one months after purchase. 

    For self-adjustment please check the video.

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