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BAG'S Fertilizer,Seed And Pig Food PACK New

A farmer sells a salad mixture of assorted lettuce leaves and other greens from an open box (in bulk). Since the lettuce leaves are intact and not cut, is a license required and are there any food safety concerns?So long as the lettuce leaves remain intact and undamaged when de-stemmed, a license would not be required at the farmer's own packing facility or the farmers market. However, the lettuce or other greens must be handled safely and protected from contamination. Although the consumer is responsible for washing the salad mixture prior to use, MDARD recommends that a sign be placed at the point-of-sale to remind customers that this produce should be washed before eating since it is in a ready-to-eat form. Assorted salad greens can also be packaged in the same bag. Again, no license is required as long as the lettuce leaves remain intact and undamaged when de-stemming.

BAG'S Fertilizer,Seed and Pig Food PACK new

Licensed food establishments can obtain eggs directly from the producer if the producer is a MDARD licensed processing establishment. Michigan food laws require that egg processors (i.e. those that clean, grade or break eggs) be licensed by MDARD. The Food Code, section 3-202.13 requires food establishments to receive eggs that are clean and sound and be grade AA, A,or B. Eggs must be held at refrigeration temperatures. Egg cartons or other packaging materials must be clean and properly labeled.

Due to potential contamination concerns, further preparation or assembly by the vendor, such as the spreading of cream cheese or fruit preserves on bagels, may trigger additional licensing requirements. This can be avoided by providing, for example, individual packets of cream cheese and wrapped plastic knives for customers to use after the transaction has been completed. Please contact your local food inspector for a review of your food preparation process to determine licensing requirements.

Examples of free-flowing bulk dry goods to repackage or re-bag would be food products such as rice, nuts, coffee beans, sprinkles, pasta, beans, candy, seeds, dog food, and cat food as well as products such as feed pellets, wood pellets, and plastic pellets.

Manufacturer of standard and custom printed polyethylene, packaging and product protection bags. Twinseal, separated, mailer, sideweld, mailer, pocket, promotional, compression and on rolls bags are also offered. Suitable for pet food, feed, seeds, fiberglass, cannabis, hemp, litter, pet bedding, mulches, chemicals, resins, shipping, lawn and garden applications. Secondary services included extrusion, distribution, graphic designing, converting and warehousing. Serves retail markets. Made in the USA.

Manufacturer of standard and custom plastic coextruded and produce bags made from LLDPE, butene, hexene, super hexene, octene, metallocene, nylon, polypropylene, HDPE, high melt and other resins. Various types include centerfold, side seal, side/bottom/top gusset, bottom or 3-side seal, stand-up pouch, zipper closure and re-sealable bags. Specifications include width up to 88 in. and 0.5 to 12 mil. thickness. Available in mono, three, five, seven and nine layer configurations. Features include heat resistance, aroma or flavor barriers and anti-fog, anti-static, anti-block and color tinting additives. Suitable for meat, cook and chill, pet food, sauce, bun and soup applications. Serves the food, beverage, medical and industrial packaging industries. Stocking programs available. FDA approved. On-time delivery.

Custom manufacturer of stand-up, gusseted, co-extruded, wicketed, zipper and non-zipper, sack and pre-formed bags. Made from polyethylene terephthalate, metalized polyester, aluminum foil, biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP), cast polypropylene (CPP), lamination and other materials. Inventory management, technical support, pre-press art development, stock and ship services are also provided. Suitable for processed meat, seafood, pasta, ice cream, frozen, coffee, poultry, pet, snack and dried food packaging applications. Low to high volume production offered. Serves the chemical, consumer goods, dairy, agriculture, medical, printing, food and beverage industries.

Manufacturer of standard and custom polyethylene plastic bags and films. Products include plastic bags, liners, pallet covers, sheeting, tubing, shrink and films for all industries. Specialty custom items and printing options are available. Specializing in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial packaging. Quick deliveries and rush orders available. ISO 9001:2008 certified. Made in the USA.

ISO 9001:2000 certified custom manufacturer of pet food bags. Products include paperboard/pouch combination bags, poly bags & barrier bags. Materials used include LDPE, HDPE, biodegradable PE, rubber modified polymers, anti-static, conductive & nylon films, multi-layer adhesive laminations, extruded & co-extruded laminations, cellophane & PLA. Prototyping, sourcing, co-packing & assembly services are available. FDA & Kosher certified.

Custom manufacturer of specialty and pet food and coffee packaging bags. Bags are available in polyethylene, polypropylene, biaxially oriented polypropylene, cellophane, foil, acrylic, polyester, PVDC, PVC shrink, nylon and biodegradable films. Finishing options include embroidery, matte lamination, foil stamping, and offset, screen and flexographic printing. GFSI, HACCP, AIB and Certipharm certified.

Custom manufacturer of packaging products for the industrial, commercial and food-processing industries. Types of bags include multiwall, paper, potato, flour, pet food, wood shavings, sewn open mouth, charcoal and evidence bags.

Custom manufacturer of bags for pet & frozen foods. Types of bags include slider, press-to-close, stand-up, side weld, center back seam, pouch style, flat, gusseted, wicketed, header, zipper locking, door knob, die-cut handle, flip top, tape closure & printed bags. Industries served include advertising or promotional, arts & crafts, bulk & contract packaging, clothing, education, hardware, hobby, housewares, landscape, paper goods, pet supplies, photography, publishing, recreation & sporting goods & food products including bakery, confectionary, dried fruits & nuts, meat & poultry & snacks.

Manufacturer of kraft paper packaging for food, bath and beauty, vitamins and supplements, apparel and laundry detergent applications. Products include standard, window, clear and matte frost stand up bags.

Manufacturer, distributor, converter & printer of packaging bags for pet food, frozen food, seeds & fruits. Types also include printed, cellophane, wicketed, coin, header, high density, T-shirt, medical, ice, fish, trash, gusseted & locking bags. Meets DTA-117 standards. Meets MILB-117 Spec. FDA approved.

Manufacturer of standard and custom packaging products. Stand up, box, spout and printed pouches are offered. Compostable, recyclable and biodegradable bags are available. Barrier films and heat sealers are also provided. Suitable for bakery, frozen food, meat, liquid, popcorn, cosmetic and coffee packaging applications. FDA approved.

Manufacturer of bulk packaging supplies for the agriculture, food and fertilizer industries. Products include sacks, sandbags, hay sleeves, steel and polyester straps, FIBCs (flexible intermediate bulk container), stretch films and wraps. Tote, anti-static, woven, custom printed, heat-sealed, paper laminated, polypropylene, BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), multiwall, dust and gusseted bags are also offered. Bags are used for feed, pet food, rock salt, flour, cement, plaster, grain, grass and chemicals. Custom options are available. Suitable for flood and erosion control, highway barrier, shipping and packaging applications. 041b061a72


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