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Casimir Mukhin
Casimir Mukhin

Eurodance In The Mix 2022 New And Classic Style

Producer Arthur Baker (Afrika Bambaataa's 'Planet Rock', New Order's 'Confusion', New Edition 'Candy Girl') co-produced this proto-freestyle classic: similar production to 'Planet Rock', but with the rapping swapped for a mournful pop vocal.

Eurodance in the Mix 2022 New and Classic Style

As house and hip hop gained traction in clubs and on radio, one thing that set freestyle apart was its heavy use of lovedick vocals and over-the-top melodrama, drawing on the songwriting styles of classic disco, love ballads (especially Latin ballad traditions), and R&B slow jams.

Another sad banger from Cutting Records, a New York freestyle/house/electro label responsible for hits as varied as Hashim's electro anthem 'Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)', the Masters At Work house classic 'I Can't Get No Sleep' featuring India, and Fulanito's massive hip-hop-influenced merengue hit 'Guallando'. 041b061a72


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