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Upstream Color ((FREE))

The Sampler finds that the pig containing Kris's worm has now given birth to piglets. He throws the piglets into a burlap sack and tosses them into a river. This event coincides with Jeff and Kris feeling an extreme sense of loss and frustration, and both act as if something terrible is happening to them; Jeff spontaneously picks a fight with two of his co-workers while Kris frantically searches as if she'd lost something. The two, in their panicked state, reunite and travel to Kris's house, where they gather supplies, including a gun, and make camp in her bathroom's tub, expecting the worst. Meanwhile, the sack of piglets is seen rotting away and a blue substance bursts from the piglets' open wounds, filling the surrounding waters, from which orchids have emerged. The orchids eventually turn the same color blue and are collected by farmers, who sell the plants in the neighborhood where the Thief operates.

Upstream Color


"Upstream Color" is one of those movies that you either give yourself over to or resolutely resist. If not understanding something annoys you, you will struggle against it or simply disengage. You could say (or I would) that it's an exploration of the textures of consciousness, the light, colors, sounds, images and ineffable resonances that, as George Harrison phrased it, flow "within you and without you." The visuals and audio design are multi-layered and tactile, the emphasis on sensations underscored in the first section of the movie which mostly focuses on hands and a few feet. Not many faces. Heads, when they appear at all, are often seen from behind, as if we're watching these people project the movie they're living in front of them.

I can conform that this film was entirely shot on GH2. I saw it at Sundance in a Q&A and sat next to a production company from Dallas that was involved in the filmmaking process. I can say that the GH2 footage looked great on the big screen with nice detail and color rendition. I saw "Act of Valor" in theaters just to see the 5D on the big screen, and the hacked GH2 looked much better.

...and improved color, less banding, increased dynamic range, 1080 60p, a much cleaner EX Tele mode, sharper LCD, and live audio monitoring&adjustment while recording. Oh, and weather sealing too. You know, just a few incremental upgrades. ;)

Yeah, I saw upstream color at the Sundance Film Festival last January and I have to say this film is visually stunning. Audio, editing, music, performance, cinematography is fantastic (in fact, I'm listening to the soundtrack right now). The script is strange, but definitely works with the setting its being presented in. Whatever camera lens he was using, it worked effectively. Try to see it in April when it comes out! 041b061a72


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